External Review and Patient Consultation

External review for each iteration of the previous version of the guidelines was completed by experts in the field prior to publication of the final document.

Moving forward with a living guideline format requires external review to reflect the more dynamic features of the guidelines. The following is an outline of the updated external review process for the Living Concussion Guidelines.

  • Regular feedback on the guideline website will be solicited through web-based interactive features such as pop-up questionnaires and survey links.
  • A ‘Provide Feedback’ field will be a permanent fixture on the home page of the website to allow for free-text comments.
  • Feedback on the guideline recommendations will be accomplished through collection of e-mail addresses from interested and qualified parties. This process will allow for direct communication from the guideline team to request completion of short qualitative interviews or surveys. Requests for feedback through e-mails can be more specific, such as for respective domains, as well as general feedback on the website.
  • The goal will be a 3 year-review cycle during which review comments (solicited and unsolicited) will be documented for each domain and the website overall.