Standards for Post Concussion Care


ONF’s overarching vision in setting standards in post-concussion care is:

To have the right care, delivered at the right time, by the right provider, across the province.

Currently the health care system in Ontario does not have specific procedures and standards for post-concussion care. There is uncertainty regarding the needed pathway of care, the appropriate providers who should be delivering the care and how services should be organized.

The Standards are intended to:

  1. Improve care/service processes and coordination through the post-concussion care pathway.
  2. Outline the best way that post-concussion care/services should be organized; in particular for interdisciplinary concussion clinics, but generally for care provided throughout the post-concussion pathway.
  3. Inform and empower patients with concussion for what they can expect from their post-concussion care/services.
  4. Create more collaboration, consultation and sharing of expertise, i.e. collective competence around post-concussion care.
  5. Inform post-concussion coordination for all concussions, regardless of the cause (mechanism) of injury and how services are covered.
  6. Create discussions at regional levels about how to improve current levels of post-concussion care and service.

The Standards are not intended to:

  1. Provide clinical practice or treatment guidelines for post-concussion care. These evidence-based clinical practice guidelines can be found at and
  2. Be a singular prescriptive approach for all Ontario regions to undertake. Recognizing regional, demographic and accessibility of resources differences, the goal is to provide a general framework with principles that can be adapted to suit regional needs.

Target Audience

  • All health professionals providing service to patients who have experienced concussion, in concussion clinics, as individual providers. This includes professionals in hospital- or community-based care.
  • Individuals who have sustained concussion and their families
  • Persons interested in improving and delivering concussion services

To learn more about the Standards for Post-Concussion Care and how they were developed, click here.

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