Appendix 2: Declared Conflicts of Interest

Of those declaring a conflict of interest,

  • 50% provide fee for service clinical service for concussion
  • 32% have a concussion focused business
  • 55% are engaged in funded research (from external funding agencies) that might be seen as a conflict
  • 18% are engaged in non-funded research (internal to their organization) that might be seen as a conflict

Due to the large number of persons involved in research, these are not listed here but are recognized that these conflicts may have played a role in the individuals’ interests.

Specific conflicts declared other than for research included:

  • Carol Di Salle: I am working collaboratively with St. Michael’s Head Injury Clinic team regarding the Ontario Concussion Care Strategy and they are submitting grant proposals.
  • John Crawford: I am a Chiropractor who provides fee for service concussion assessment and rehabilitation. Shift Concussion Management is involved in Baseline testing, post injury management, Concussion Management Training, data collection and research. Shift Concussion Network provides thousands of tests across Canada with varying prices depending on the level of testing requested. We have a business manager, CEO, and strategic partners in this area. We received financial support from a corporation for testing and research. We work closely with IMPACT and are working on two additional relationships that are not finalized at this time.
  • Cameron Marshall: I am the founder and current president of Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI), an organization that provides education to healthcare professionals on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of concussions.  Partnered clinical facilities also conduct baseline testing for high-risk athletes and provide educational seminars to coaches, trainers, teachers, and other frontline personnel.  Certain services are covered by OHIP, however much of the rehabilitation is carried out by therapists in a fee for service manner.  I am also a chiropractor and provide fee for service concussion treatments, rehabilitation, and baseline testing.
  • Shannon McGuire: I own my own company that provides a one-day Concussion Management Workshop for healthcare professionals, separate from my position at Parkwood Institute.
  • Nick Reed: Our Concussion Centre at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital has a baseline testing / pre-injury program for children and youth. This service, as not an ‘essential’ service (as per OHIP), is fee for service. All funds are re-invested into a social enterprise model and used to support concussion research, education, and care at Holland Bloorview. We employ a Director of Business Development at Holland Bloorview. We receive support for research, education and clinical care from private/corporate donors, stewarded through the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation.
  • Dennis Radman: Brainworks charges a fee for service and has a formal business model to promote our concussion services.
  • Michael Hutchison: As part of our interdisciplinary concussion care model at the David L. MacIntosh Sport Clinic, fees are charged to patients for appointments with healthcare professionals not covered by OHIP (i.e, therapists, neuropsychologist, kinesiologists). We also offer non-essential fee for service pre-season/baseline screening as part of our clinical research program. We have received support research and clinical care from private donors and organizations. Personally, I have received to act as a consultant for the NHLPA
  • Irene Sullivan: T.H.I.N.C. Consultants – Business partner.  Service conducts neuropsychological assessments for individuals with head injuries, MS, learning disabilities and also provides transition planning/accommodation planning for students entering post-secondary studies
  • Tara Baldisera: At my medical clinic, I charge fee for service for services that are not covered by OHIP. A Chiropractic Clinical Science Specialist colleague in my clinic charges fee for service. We have received grant money through the Northern Ontario Academic Medicine Association for a varsity athlete interdisciplinary concussion management program. We have charged fees for pilot project baseline assessment of athletes.
  • Diana Velikonja: At Hamilton Health Sciences, we charge fee for non-physician services and baseline testing.
  • Drew Laskoski: At the Upper Canada Sports Medicine clinic, we charge a fee for baseline testing of athletes.
  • Shannon Bauman: At Concussion North, physiotherapists and athletic therapists charge fee for service.
  • Carolyn Glatt: At Concussion North, physiotherapists and athletic therapists charge fee for service.
  • Michael Ellis: At the Pan Am Concussion Program, cervical physiotherapists charge a fee for service and all other services are covered by patient Manitoba Health coverage or are provided by specialists paid through provincial government funding. I serve as a fee-for-service private consultant for the Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba Moose, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers

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