Healthcare Professionals

Concussion management in Ontario has been shown to be inconsistent, largely due to differences in knowledge, geography, and available resources. Some practitioners may lack current and practical knowledge of how to treat persistent symptoms. Others may have difficulty with what to tell patients when a concussion occurs. There is variability among clinical experts in their prescription for rest and activity over the initial period following concussion.

Given these challenges, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) and partners are working to improve the consistency of concussion management over time; in initial diagnosis and management of concussion, and the long-term management of persistent symptoms that may require a variety of clinical and professional experts. 

Much of ONF’s work is focused on evaluating practice, reviewing the base of evidence and developing clinical practice guidelines on concussion. The goal of this is to provide patients with the highest quality, current and evidence-informed care. The ONF guidelines are the most comprehensive set of concussion guidelines, and have become known internationally.