Characterizing Access to Concussion Care in Ontario

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has commissioned a number of studies and surveys in order to characterize concussion incidence and concussion care through the province and investigate what needs optimization.

Through studying the state of concussion care in Ontario, ONF ONFABI-Stats-2016
and partners uncovered gaps in access and care throughout the province. Our studies have discovered a variability in service models, available expertise, and multidisciplinary mix of staff in brain injury and sports clinics. The majority of clinics serving people with concussions were not providing the full range of comprehensive services needed to address the recovery and needs of those with concussion.  The study also reviewed wait times and access to care. To read more about the 2013 study, please click here.

In the Summer of 2016 ONF funded a follow-up study conducted by the Institute for Social Research at York University, again to characterize the current state of concussion care. This study focuses on the clinics who provide concussion services, the range of services they provide, the disciplines represented in their clinics, and the patients they serve. To see the presentation on the study, please click here.