Return to Activity

Appropriately returning to work, school, sport or other activity after concussion is an essential element in the management of post-concussive symptoms. This includes both appropriate timing, and attention to the complexity and difficulty of the activity.

For Children and Youth

Concussions are most common among children and adolescents, so there is a need for pediatricians, family physicians and schools to follow an appropriate return to school for each student with a concussion. For the best care of the student, it is important that the prescribed return to school plan is appropriately followed-up by the family, student and school together. For more information on appropriate return to activity for children, please look at section 4 of our Pediatric Concussion Guidelines.

For Adults

Returning to regular activities, especially work can be difficult if concussion symptoms persist. Within the Guidelines for Concussion and Persistent Symptoms ONF has published a set of Return to Work Guidelines, to view the section module, click here.

An ONF-funded project has developed a set of Principles to Ease Return to Work. These are not guidelines but were identified through a comprehensive literature review. This project report is coming soon.

Information on Return to Play can also be found on the Parachute website.