Resources for Healthcare Professionals

We are pleased to provide Ontario emergency departments, family physicians, and community health teams with printed copies of the Concussion Information Booklet for Patients and Families. To order booklets, [click here].

For additional resources, see our Patient and Families Resources page.

Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Concussion Bundles for Healthcare Professionals (ONF, 2020)

4-page document including:

      • Healthcare provider education on concussion
      • Concussion Symptom Checklist
      • Concussion Do’s and Don’ts (patient resource)

Emergency Department | [Download]         Primary Care | [Download]

Healthcare Professional Education (ONF, 2020)

Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) for Medical Professionals (BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, 2020) | [Link]

Concussion Symptom Checklist for Patients (ONF, 2020) | [Download]

Diagnosing and Managing Concussion Tool (Centre for Effective Practice, 2019) | [Download]